TOCA Race Driver 3: The Ultimate Racing Simulator or just TOCA Race Driver 3, also localised as DTM Race Driver 3 in Germany and Benelux, as well as V8 Supercars Australia 3 in Australia and New Zealand, is the third title of TOCA's Race Driver subseries of racing video games developed and published by Codemasters.

It was initially released for PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows in 2006, with a Macintosh version available in 2007 by Feral Interactive. It also received digital releases for Windows in September 29, 2008 on GOG, and in February 13, 2009 on Steam, although its availability was short lived, with the game being delisted on May 2009 and May 2010 respectively.


The game features several fully licenced championships, including the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters|DTM series and V8 Supercar championship. It includes 120 Championships and about 35 Types of Racing through the Championships in World Tour, Pro Career and Free Race. Also it has Bonus Championships in different disciplines. They take place in UK, Germany and many more of the track's places. They can be unlocked by winning cups in Pro Career Normal or Hard and Set a Fast Lap Time Record on a Course in one of the Championships in The Game. The most recent TOCA game was released in February 2006, and continued to expand on the types of motorsport available. Open wheel, GT, Oval racing, Rallying and Offroad racing were all featured, and can be raced in either a detailed Pro Career mode or an open-ended World Tour. Up to 12 players are supported via Xbox Live and the PlayStation 2 version supports up to 8 on-line. This series is the only current racing simulator that allows PlayStation players to race on-line. It received good reviews, frequently being compared favourably to Gran Turismo 4 and Forza Motorsport, in the aspects of cars on track, damage and AI. The game has many real-life competitions, like British GT, DTM, IRL and have vintage races, some old GT and rally cars. One of the features is the possibility of driving F1 cars, like the '05 Williams.


The game's single player mode is split into 2 different modes, "World Tour" and "Pro-Career". "World Tour" is where the player progresses through 32 tiers of different disciplines, the player is coached by a man called "Rick" via the game's cut-scenes (the cut-scenes can be viewed again via the "Extras" menu). While "Pro-Career" mode is more detailed, with over 150 cups to win. There is also an online mode for various platforms in which you can race a number (the actual number of people you can race depends on the platform used) of other online players to win points. It is also possible to unlock series with the online mode of the game. The Game also Features Pit stops like in TOCA Race Driver 2 (DTM Race Driver 2) to get going with new stuff onto the Vehicle. Pit stops are usually needed so need to be in there in time before you go back onto the Track. Damage is when a car gets smashed by other cars in the race.

Race Disciplines[]

The Disciplines contain a number of Championships in that Motorsport to use in Free Race and Pro Career.

  • Classics: The Classic Discipline allows you to compete in some of the most famous racing cars ever raced. From the 1930s Championship winning Mercedes W25 to the powerful muscle cars of the '70s.
  • GT: Race some of the most prestigious and exotic sports cars in the GT discipline. Take part in multi-class races, and get to grips with some of the most powerful racing cars in the world of motorsport.
  • Oval: From dirt ovals, to the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway, experience the excitement of the world's fastest professional motor sport.
  • Touring car: The Touring car discipline is about aggressive, high-octane, pack racing. Ultimately aiming to earn a place in either the DTM or V8 Supercar Championship Series.
  • Off-road: From Rally, to Baja, Nissan Dakar to Rally Cross, experience every Level of Off Road racing in the Off Road discipline. The challenge in this thrilling style of racing is not only master your vehicle, but also the environment.
  • Open Wheel: Perharps one of the most technically difficult disciplines, Open Wheel demands that drivers fully understand the nuances of each Track and vehicle. The secret here is all about the racing line, and taking great care to avoid contact in these powerful, but fragile machines.
  • TMS: Comepete in a series of time trial events at the Beford Autodrome Complex. Each Event Take place in a Different and circuit at the site.
  • Honda: This Discipline features a selection of unique and challenging Championships, pitting players in a number of Different Honda cars and Vehicles.


TOCA Race Driver 3 has about 35 types of racing and 120 Championships through World Tour and Pro career. Also there's about 10 Bonus Championships in the Classics discipline, 10 Bonus Championships in The GT discipline, 1 Bonus Championship in the Oval discipline, 7 Bonus Championships in the Touring Car discipline, 5 Bonus Championships in the Off-Road Discipline and about 13 Bonus Championships in the Open Wheel discpline. These Bonus Championships will be ulocked if someone Wins a Cup in the Pro career, Normal or Hard and Having a Fast Time Record. The Championships have also available cars to race in.

World Tour[]

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The player has to progress through different tiers of championships in this mode. It has 32 different tiers and championships. The player is coached by a man called Rick. The player has to defeat many different rivals in this mode. In each tier, you'll only need to complete one championship objective to unlock the next tier. However, if you want to unlock the Honda events (in Pro Career and Free Race), you'll need to complete all of the championship objectives in all of the tiers.

Pro Career[]

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Pro Career is a Mode where a Player has to progress through Different Championships in the game to unlock Other Championships in this Mode. If a Player wins a Cup than they unlock Bonus Championships to play in Free Race Mode Only. The Player gets all 177 out of 177 Cups then it unlocks all the Bonus Championships and Bonuses as will like all Championships.

Free Race[]

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Flags and Rules[]

The Flags are in Different colours meaning different warnings like with the Rules:

  • Blue Flag: Commonly referred to as passing flag and indicates that a driver should be aware of a faster car attempting to lap them.
  • Black Flag: The Black Flag indicates that a Driver has received either a timed or pit penalty.
  • Yellow Flag: The Yellow Flag is displayed as a warning of an accident ahead. Overtaking is forbidden whlist the yellow flag is out.
  • Green flag: The Green flag (waved after yellow) signals the end of a caution period. Drivers can resume to race speed.
  • White flag: The white flag indicates that the driver has commenced their last lap of the race or can mean (in certain Championships) that there is a much slower vehicle on the sector of track controlled by that flag post.
  • Black and White Flag: A Black and white diagonally divided flag is shown to drivers for unsportsmanlike behaviour on the track, such as careless driving or corner cutting and even Wrong Way.
  • Black with an orange circle Flag: A Black flag with an orange circle is shown to drivers whose vehicles have mechanical problems. Drivers shown the flag must return to the pits as soon as possible.


  • Tom Cotcher - Rick Irving (Voice)
  • Christianne Olivieia - Gina (Voice)
  • Jamie Treacher - Streatham (Voice)
  • Pollyanna Williams - Angela (Voice)
  • Lidia Martinez - Sinita (Voice)
  • Pernille Lind - Jasmine (Voice)
  • Polly Brown - Angela (Voice)


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The game features a host of 70 licensed race cars, most notably the Williams F1 car from the 2005 season (Williams FW27), as well the full DTM, V8 Supercars and IRL grid from their respective 2005 seasons. However, despite the fact that the game doesn't offer fully licensed teams in all of their competitions, the game does have licensed cars throughout nearly every championship, with cars such as the Subaru Impreza, from the 4WD GT Championship, 4x4 Rallycross and the Honda NSX, from the Japanese Works Car Cup. Some of the cars in the game are imitations of some Formula One teams cars during that season, such as Team Solar's car in the Formula 3 championship looking like Renault F1's 2005 car and Osbourne Clark's Palmer Audi car looks like BAR's 2005 car.


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Special Releases[]

TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge[]

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TOCA Race Driver 3 Challenge cover art

A PlayStation Portable adaptation including changes in the game would be developed by Sumo Digital and published by Codemasters in 2007.

TOCA Race Driver 3 (J2ME)[]

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TOCA Race Driver 3 Mobile cover

A Java adaptation for mobile phones would be developed in 2D and 3D versions by Rockpool Games and published by Codemasters in 2006.

Race Driver: Create & Race[]

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RDC&R cover art

A Nintendo DS spinoff loosely based on TOCA Race Driver 3 named Race Driver: Create and Race was developed by Firebrand Games and published by Codemasters in 2007.


The game also features bonuses such as unlocking all of the championships and many more of the bonuses. This is a List of the bonuses:

  • Unlock all Championships in the game
  • Unlock Extra, bonus Championships
  • Leave the opposition standing with the speed boost
  • Unlock and race high speed toy cars
  • Get into the groove and race in the slot racing championship
  • Make your car impervious to damage and deal out some punishment
  • Find out how the story develops by unlocking all of the cutscenes


Cover Art[]



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