Template:Coor title dms Bedford Autodrome is based just north of Bedford, England, in the village of Thurleigh. It is owned by former Formula One driver Jonathan Palmer.

It is built on the northern section of the former site of the Royal Aerospace Establishment, Bedford airbase and took 5 years to convert to a track using the latest in track laying techniques to provide a quiet and smooth surface.

It was designed to be driven by high performance road cars and as such has larger than usual run off areas and does not have sections of armco which would potentially damage a car seriously if it left the track. Because the track has no armco it is not eligible to hold races there or have an area for spectators because of the inability to ensure their safety

2012 OlympicsEdit

The Bedford Autodrome has been selected as an official training site for the London 2012 Olympics. The venue is expected to attract road cycling teams training for the event. [1]

Appearances in Video GamesEdit

  • In rFactor, the track is one of the tracks available for download to be added into the game.
  • The many configurations of the track are also available to be driven on in TOCA Race Driver 3.

References Edit

  1. Bedfordshire to host Olympic training camps - Bedford Today

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